About Rachel

Specialist Support Coordinator and Social Worker

Meet Rachel, one of our Specialist Support Coordinators who has recently moved to Broome. Rachel completed her Masters of Social Work at UWA in 2021. She previously worked in the mental health space, assisting individuals on their recovery journey by building capacity and reaching goals. She also has experience in helping individuals with psychosocial disabilities access NDIS. Rachel has worked as a support worker in residential and community-based contexts, supporting people with varying abilities and identities.

Rachel is passionate about empowering people and supporting them to build the confidence and courage to live a meaningful life. Her working style is person-centered and strengths-based, always aiming to make space for the voices that matter and acknowledging individual strengths.

In her spare time, Rachel enjoys going to the beach for a swim or going for bushwalks. She is eager to explore the Kimberley Region and discover all of its beauty.

About Jake

Allied Health Assistant

Meet Jake, a familiar face who attended Broome Primary and St. Mary's College. He began his career as a chef at The Old Zoo Cafe, and his travels across Canada and North America fuelled his passion for fitness. Upon returning to Broome, he pursued studies as a personal trainer, opened his own personal training studio, and honed his skills to help others achieve their physical fitness goals.

Jake has recently joined the KTS team as an Allied Health Assistant to share his knowledge and passion for helping people achieve their goals. He brings a sense of calm and care to his approach and enjoys bringing creativity to his sessions. He will work closely with our Therapy Team to ensure the best outcomes for each individual.

In his spare time, Jake volunteers as a firefighter, supports the local dance school, and enjoys spending time at the beach with his pets.

About Emily

Senior Occupational Therapist

Meet Emily, one of our Occupational Therapists. She moved to Broome from Perth over 4 years ago and has been working in the Kimberley since 2020, travelling to various remote regions. Emily loves seeing the beautiful country, meeting new people, and hearing their stories.

With 9 years of experience working as an OT in the disability sector in Perth and Broome, Emily has worked with people of various ages, abilities, and diagnoses, focusing on a variety of goals. She enjoys working in a multidisciplinary team, providing clinical supervision, and learning from others.

Emily utilises a client-centred holistic approach to therapy to support individuals and their families in achieving their goals. Her varied caseload has allowed her to develop skills in a range of areas, including fine motor development, self-care skills (toileting, dressing, bathing, personal hygiene), mealtimes, meal preparation, play, communication, emotional regulation, sensory processing, positive behaviour support, social skills, anxiety management, executive functioning skills, sleep, community access, protective behaviours, mobility, assistive technology, seating and positioning, and child development. In addition, she has experience in writing NDIS Functional Capacity Assessments.

In her free time, Emily loves the outdoors, including going to the beach, camping, fishing, going on the boat, walking her dog, playing board games, spending time with friends, and participating in various sports.

About Sophie

Specialist Support Coordinator

Meet Sophie, our bubbly Specialist Support Coordinator who has extensive experience working in various community development spaces in Broome and Arnhem Land. She is passionate about helping her participants achieve their goals and improve their overall well-being.

Sophie has worked as an education assistant in schools to support students with high and special needs. She also has experience providing 1:1 care in Supported Independent Living. Sophie has previously worked as an NDIS administrator for the East Arnhem Regional Council in Arnhem Land and later transitioned into a Support Coordinator role while living in the Yirrkala community in the Northern Territory.

Despite her wandering nature, Sophie keeps coming back to Broome, where she has lived on and off for the last eight years. In her free time, she enjoys spending time at the beach with her dog, Vinnie, who is a special breed in Broome.

About Grace

Specialist Support Coordinator and Social Worker

Meet Grace, an experienced Specialist Support Coordination and Social Worker. With years of experience in community services, Grace has gained a deep understanding of the needs of people with disabilities. She is dedicated to providing participants with the necessary support to lead fulfilling lives.

As an AASW practicing Social Worker, Grace strongly believes in using a strengths-based approach to assist others in achieving their goals. She is an excellent leader to the KTS Support Coordinator Team and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

When she's not at work, Grace is a proud mother of three young children who keep her hands and heart full. Having lived in Broome for over a decade, Grace has a profound appreciation for the local community and is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those around her. In her free time, you can find her camping up the Gibb and swimming at the beach.

About Erin

Support Coordinator and Psychosocial Recovery Coach

Meet Erin, one of our compassionate and energetic Support Coordinators and Psychosocial Recovery Coach. Erin is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of the people around her and enjoys any opportunity to help others feel supported to achieve their goals and live a happy life.

Erin has worked in a variety of community services roles, which has provided her a range of experiences such as providing trauma-informed crisis prevention and intervention, supporting teenage clients to transition into adulthood and develop a sense of independence, working with remote communities to provide support to high-risk individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the recent Kimberley Floods response, and supporting children and their families through the evidence and access stage of their NDIS journey. Erin values and enjoys building meaningful and organic connections with clients, their families and support networks.

Erin has been living in Broome for the last 7 years with her partner, who grew up in the Kimberley, so she has an established appreciation of its unique communities, cultures, and lands, as well as the range of challenges that families across the region face, particularly in remote communities. When not working, Erin involves herself in a variety of community activities. If she’s not at work, she is most likely dancing at the local studio, painting a big landscape, hanging at the beach with her dog or looking for other fun and adventures.

About Georgia

Support Coordinator

Meet Georgia, a Support Coordinator who is committed to working closely with NDIS participants. She is a highly motivated individual with a calming nature that is appreciated by all her participants. Georgia’s caseload mainly consists of paediatric participants, and she excels at providing family-oriented practice. She takes great pride in being a source of reassurance to parents and primary caregivers, helping them maximise their plans and achieve their objectives.

Georgia has been a resident of Broome, Western Australia for over a decade, which has given her a deep understanding of the local community and its unique needs. With her background in early childhood education and management, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Her passion lies in early intervention, and she believes every child deserves a strong foundation for lifelong success.

Georgia is also a parent herself, which has helped her understand the importance of early childhood development. She is committed to creating positive outcomes for children and families in her community by providing personalised support and access to the highest quality resources and services available.

About Yasmin

Specialist Support Coordinator and Psychosocial Recovery Coach

Meet Yas, one of our Support Coordinators and Psychosocial Recovery Coach. Prior to her current role, Yas worked as an intensive care manager in the community. Her compassionate and encouraging nature drives her to make a positive impact in the lives of those she helps.

Yas focuses on the mental health sector and is passionate about recovery coaching and supporting participants on their NDIS journey. She is almost finished with her bachelor’s degree in psychology and counselling at ECU and looks forward to incorporating her new skills into her practice.

In her free time, Yas can be found at the beach with her dogs or exploring the Kimberley region while camping.

About Sam

Specialist Support Coordinator and Psychosocial Recovery Coach

Meet Sam, a Support Coordinator and Psychosocial Recovery Coach, who is deeply committed to providing one-to-one support services to individuals with disabilities. With a rich background in working with children and families in the Broome & Kimberley Region, Sam has developed programs that empower youth, which he has now extended to his NDIS participants with compassion and unwavering dedication. Having lived in Broome since 2010, Sam has a profound appreciation for the local community & culture and strives to create a healthy and positive influence. Though his focus is now on men’s mental health and wellbeing, Sam is always willing to help all participants, believing that everyone deserves equal opportunities to lead a healthy and meaningful life.

When not working, Sam enjoys the beach, surfing, music, and outdoor adventures. His professional experience and personal passions make him a valuable asset to the KTS team, as he is devoted to supporting individuals with disabilities and promoting health and wellness. Sam is closely connected to the Broome community and has immense respect for the traditional owners, culture, and the land on which he lives, works, and explores.

About Troy


Meet Troy, one of our physiotherapists who adds a knowledgeable and friendly face to our therapy team. Troy has been working in the aged care, private practice and disability sectors since graduating from Curtin University in Perth. He worked in Perth before returning to his hometown, Broome. In Broome, he has completed outreach to locations such as Derby, Fitzroy Crossing, Port Hedland and Noonkanbah.

Troy is a passionate physiotherapist with a keen interest in working with people with cerebral palsy, amputees and complex clients who require equipment like walkers and wheelchairs to move around. He has completed additional training to provide physiotherapy to both paediatric and adult clients with neurological impairments to achieve running-based goals as well as further learning on the rehab and long-term care of amputees. Troy always takes a client-centered approach, designing therapy interventions and exercises based on collaborative goals with those he works with.

Troy grew up and went to school in Broome, so returning here for work was an easy decision. He has extensive knowledge of remote communities and the history of the Kimberley. In his spare time, you can find Troy getting outdoors and playing football, camping and spearfishing.

About Amber

Occupational Therapist

Meet Amber, our new graduate Occupational Therapist! Amber completed her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) at the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2023. Amber has obtained Certificates 2 and 3 in community pharmacy and has 10 years of experience as a Dispensary Technician. She also holds a qualification in Assisting Nursing.

During her university studies, Amber worked as an Allied Health Assistant within the NDIS space for 2.5 years. Her clients ranged from paediatric to older adults with a diverse range of conditions such as neurological, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and intellectual disabilities. This role allowed Amber to form strong relationships with her clients and their families, contribute towards their goals, and enrich her understanding and proficiency.

Amber’s vast experience within the healthcare sector highlights her commitment, caring nature, and profound dedication to empowering individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Amber has experience in sensory retraining/processing, home modifications, assistive technology, equipment prescriptions, upper limb rehabilitation, fine motor skills, and cognitive skills.

When Amber is not working, you will find her spending time with her family and friends, socializing with the Broome community, travelling, exercising, going to the beach with her fur baby Axel, or going out for a coffee.

About Tash


Meet Tash, one of our Physiotherapists who brings a calming nature and passionate attitude towards the work she does. Tash has three years of experience working in the NDIS sector and has a particular interest in working with people with neurological conditions. She has experience in neurological rehabilitation for cerebral palsy, stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic and acquired brain injury and more.

Tash has experience in gait retraining with people with amputations and brain injury. In the paediatric space, Tash can provide children with the opportunity to progress their gross motor development, intervene with toe-walking habits and has experience working with kids in the pool to achieve swimming-based goals.

Tash has travelled to and provided services for both kids and adults throughout the Kimberley and surrounding remote communities. Tash enjoys creating a safe, supportive and fun environment for therapy and building meaningful relationships with the people she works with.

Tash spends her free time at the beach with her dog, teaching Pilates or camping in Broome’s surrounds. Tash was drawn from Perth to Broome in early 2023 and doesn’t see herself leaving the beautiful country of the Kimberley anytime soon.

About Ellouise

Senior Occupational Therapist

Meet Ellouise, one of our enthusiastic and compassionate Occupational Therapists. Ellouise grew up and schooled in Broome. She has developed a diverse and generalist OT skill set working within the NDIS therapy space in Broome and providing outreach to Derby and communities in the East Kimberley, including Halls Creek, Balgo, Warmun and Wyndham. Ellouise values working within a collaborative team with other health professionals and community organisations as this ensures participants are empowered and well-supported to reach their goals.

Ellouise enjoys working with children and their families and provides culturally appropriate assessments and evidence-based interventions in areas including toileting, emotional regulation, sensory processing, executive functioning, fine and gross motor skills, self-care, play and social skills. Ellouise also has experience working with adolescents and adults to support independence with daily life, community participation, equipment and wheelchair prescription, home assessment and modification.

Prior to commencing OT studies, Ellouise graduated with a Masters of Exercise Physiology. She worked as an Exercise Physiologist within the disability space supporting an Adolescent Movement Program at Notre Dame, also presenting her Masters research at an international conference in France. On several occasions, Ellouise travelled to Cambodia as a student placement supervisor.

Ellouise loves the Kimberley lifestyle, spending time with her family and friends and taking her fur baby Pippa to the beach every day!

About Tiahna

Occupational Therapist

Meet Tiahna, an enthusiastic and passionate Occupational Therapist who values the opportunity to learn from her participants and their unique experiences. Tiahna has a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy with Honours. Tiahna has worked in the community disability sector for many years, working alongside children and adults with varying disability and mental health diagnoses. Tiahna relocated to the sunny town Broome in 2023 and has been loving every minute of it. As Tiahna grew up in a small country town in WA, she has developed a deep appreciation for the land, the people, and its sacredness.

Tiahna enjoys working with her participants to establish personalised goals and plan holistic therapy in various environments such as home, school, and community. She is passionate about forming strong relationships with her participants and empowering them to achieve their goals.

Tiahna is experienced in conducting functional capacity assessments to aid individuals with their NDIS funding. Tiahna has experience in clinical areas such as sensory processing, emotional regulation, self-care and independent living skills, fine motor and play-based skills, assistive technology, home modifications, transitioning to adulthood and community participation.

When Tiahna is not working, you will find her living on Broome-time, at the beach, camping, or catching up with friends - having a laugh, and enjoying the view!

About Mon

Senior Occupational Therapist

Meet Mon, one of our Occupational Therapists who completed her Bachelor's degree with Honours and is all about providing holistic therapy to her participants. Mon is originally from Perth but now calls the Kimberley region her home, splitting her time between Broome and Barn Hill Station.

Mon is passionate about helping people achieve independence and getting involved in meaningful everyday activities. She has experience working with people of all ages and with a variety of disabilities across the West Kimberley region, including many remote communities. Mon can help with anything from sensory processing, emotional regulation, and self-care to fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, play skills, and assistive technology provision.

Mon is experienced in conducting functional capacity assessments to help individuals with their NDIS funding, and she has completed additional training in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Circle of Security Parenting and Functional Independence Measure Assessments.

Mon believes in a client-centred approach and using evidence-based interventions. She values having a great multidisciplinary team dynamic and building positive relationships with community organisations to achieve the best possible results for her participants. In her free time, Mon loves working at Barn Hill Station, hanging out with her friends, travelling, and eating good food!

About Anna

Senior Physiotherapist

Meet Anna our dedicated and experienced Senior Physiotherapist. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2012 and has been practising physiotherapy all over Australia and even in the snow fields in Japan! In her free time, Anna loves to explore the outdoors, surf, fish, and free dive off Gantheaume Point.

Anna takes pride in building strong relationships with her clients and supporting them in achieving their goals. Her primary focus in the NDIS sector, where she works closely with adults and children to promote their independence and help them live their best life.

Anna has completed additional training in Paediatrics including continence training in 0–18-year-olds. Anna offers 1:1 therapy and group-based therapy, including but not limited to: strength training, falls prevention, gait re-training, continence physio, and sport groups.

One of Anna’s unique qualities is her ability to incorporate her clients’ hobbies and interests into their physiotherapy sessions. You can often find her with clients in the gym, pool or even surfing at cable beach! With Anna, you can be confident that you’re in good hands, and she will help you and your family achieve the best possible outcome.

About Simon


Meet Simon, one of our Executive Directors. With a big, easy smile, he’s excited to lead the KTS team in his latest adventure in his physiotherapy career. Simon comes from the Wheatbelt and South-West region of Western Australia and has always had a love for all things remote, including the Australian bush, landscapes, and the intangible qualities that make country people the best in the world. He moved to Broome in 2008 and immediately fell in love with the Kimberley and its extraordinary beauty, which he has no plans of leaving anytime soon.

With almost 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist, Simon has dedicated the last few years to helping people with disabilities live active, meaningful, and joyous lives. He prides himself on his ability to get along with anyone in any situation, which he attributes to his eclectic group of friends and eccentric family.

When he’s not working, Simon spends his time with his family and friends, including being climbed on by his two daughters or enjoying the beach with his staffy and a beer in hand. He dreams of Kimberley escapes and occasionally gets to make them a reality.

About Amanda

Administration Assistant

Meet Amanda, our exceptional Administration Assistant. Amanda is passionate about organisation and takes pride in all administrative tasks she performs with precision. With extensive experience in Human Resources Administration and Payroll, she brings an unparalleled level of expertise to our team.

In her free time, Amanda loves to explore the beautiful Broome and the Kimberley region with her young family and pets. Her adventurous spirit and enthusiasm for discovering new places always amazes us. We are truly grateful to have Amanda on our team, as she never fails to bring positive energy and a contagious smile to the workplace.

About Emma

Business Manager

Meet Emma, our esteemed Business Manager. Emma is a master problem-solver with a keen attention to detail. She excels at optimising administrative procedures, and her expert organisation skills ensure the seamless operation of our business.

Emma is a community-oriented person who enjoys supporting local organisations in the area. With a creative spirit that extends to her love of photography, Emma is a multi-talented individual. In her free time, she enjoys capturing the beauty of the world through her camera lens, often accompanied by her furry friend, Marlo.

General Manager

Meet Brooke Lowry, our dedicated KTS Manager. With over a decade of experience in the community service sector, Brooke brings a compassionate and empathetic approach, as well as a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by vulnerable community members. She is certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) for disabilities and families and can provide training to others.

Brooke's exceptional people management skills make her an expert in stakeholder engagement, playing a crucial role in leading KTS towards its mission to support the NDIS community in the Kimberley region. As a specialist support coordinator, Brooke is passionate about working with participants and their families to achieve their goals and make a positive difference in their lives.

Having lived in Broome for the past 18 years, Brooke has no plans to leave as the Kimberley region has stolen her heart. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and is often found at the local dance studio, supporting her children and dancing herself.

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